Vendors we Love

Are you looking for more vendors and just are not sure which one to use?! Well we love working with these vendors because they always preform amazing work, they reply quickly, and are very professional. If you do not see one of your vendors on here, that doesn't mean they are not amazing! It just means I might not of had a chance to work with them. 


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Mariah Lacy Photography

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Candid photos are my personal favorite. This is Mariah's speciality. She is so great at capturing the moments you didn't think about and the ones you have been dreaming about. Her style is not only bridal but boudoir as well. So if you are thinking about that present for your future spouse  she is your one stop shop

Ashlee Nicole Photography

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If you LOVE light, bright and airy photos  stop scrolling and contact Ashlee today! Ashlee & Jason are the dynamic duo that bring your wedding day from drab to fab. They are great at getting those dreamy bright and light photos that you see all over her instagram. You wont make the wrong choice by taking a look at Ashlee!

Taylor Shae Photography

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Ok lets talk Taylor Shae! What a professional goddess she is! Taylor is amazing at capturing the rich colors in a photo. Not only does Taylor do weddings but she also does all of your special event photos as well. If you want bubbly and someone to help guide you through this process you wont be disappointed. 

One Stop Shops!

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I Dew Events & River District Florist

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The Dews have you covered from Florals, to Planning, and even decor! If you want a small family owned business this is the place for you. They are all so very hard working with a vision that outshines most planners. You really can not go wrong here.

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Something Borrowed, Something Bloomed, So Eventful & Heitman House

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This wonderful group of people are a one stop shop! They have everything from planning to  venues to Florals, and even decor! This lovely Family truly warms your heart and allow you to see all the options there truly are for your wedding!



Lexi & Co Events

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Have you ever met someone who has such a bright and bubble personality that it makes you happy? That is Lexi. Lexi has been in this area working so many vendors you can not go wrong picking her to help plan your big day. We have always love doing so many weddings with Lexi ever since we started. 

Boho Go-Tos


Plithos Rentals

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Have you ever thought of wanting a statement piece for your wedding? Or ever a full on Boho wedding? This is the place for it. We love Plithos because they have the most unique pieces to add to your wedding. Small detail pieces all the way to the large decor. We love to do shoots with them and will work with them for a long as they will let us!


Blossom & Thorn Florist

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ROXANNE is the boho goddess of florals! Between the real and dried flowers you will fall in love. I know we do! Melanie frequently orders from her when she is selling for holidays. Blossom & Thorn is loved by us because we love that they are so unique. It also helps that the owner is so sweet and professional that you wont regret it either!


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Curate Entertainment

We Love Curate Entertainment because you can not help but have a great time around Malike and his staff. He will jump out on that dance floor with you and knows all the great jams to get your party started. One thing that does also make Malike and Curate special is that they support #mentalhealthawareness to the fullest. I highly suggest following them on instagram for motivational posts.